Error validating nbdb backup in usr openv db staging Elite cams adult

23-Aug-2016 16:59

error validating nbdb backup in usr openv db staging-43

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We have configured a policy per server and then added all of the scripts into the policies but in my eyes this is rather inefficient and cumbersome, as the backup will backup each DB one by one which takes over 24 hours, the other option we tried but was even worse was a policy per script, HORRIBLE idea. We have written a script that copies and edits the Netbackup RMAN template into individual scripts that get added into Netbackup. EMM_Drive Type_Density_Media Typ Validating EMM_MAIN. EMM_Media_Media Affinity Group Validating EMM_MAIN.

error validating nbdb backup in usr openv db staging-74

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This time after the deletes processed the Console needed to be closed. I have restarted te DLO Administration and Maintenance services, I've rebooted the server, but now when I start the console I get the error : Error V-138-57364-16 Operation Aborted.I have built out a new site at a new remote location and would like to add a trusted master server, but I dont know how the previous two were setup or if I should just use root and move on.

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