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@chrissyteigen @Kimzolciak Brielle is too young for a "joke" this crass. Green Always Right (@MZGreen05) May 4, 2017 i just wanna know where u found this pic of me from 5 years ago...

Never in a million would I involve my daughter in a BJ joke. no wonder everyone's making a big deal out of this! O3Q7Af Y — brielle biermann (@Brielle Zolciak) May 5, 2017 that anyone who regularly pays attention to her account would know that's simply her "sense of humor." She also had a message for those still up in arms about the tweet: "If you can't take a joke, feel free to unfollow," she said Thursday. If you don't like what a celebrity tweets, unfollow their account and go about your life as if it never happened.

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