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11-May-2016 09:22

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We were dating for about six months and I was out with my family one night at a restaurant downtown.

He had told me he was going out to the bar with a few friends then was going to come over later.

I still to this day am shocked how quickly I got over it; at no point since then have I had the urge to pick up the phone and tell her about something. except at 18 I had been way cooler and even then had a better car! my wonderful dreamboat boyfriend (Z-List) and I broke up and with my tail between my legs and huge amounts of University coursework I packed up my life...Wanting to keep myself just a little mysterious (I just didn't want anyone to stalk me, basically), I chose a photo where my face is partially shrouded by champagne flutes. Sure enough, the messages started to trickle through.A lot of these profiles of potential dates have no photos and almost all of them have strange usernames like "Urfavdad". I would rather take my chances with "Most Honest Guyin USA". Everyday I would look forward to coming home from work and having the evening with my boy. I had lost my best friend, the bestest friend ever; a dog rivaled by none. I literally have the best friends in the whole actual world.

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a massive target to have made some serious life achievements and make good choices. I was carrying this huge heartache around with me from previous and he had been the best thing in my life and kept me going.

The idea behind sugar babies and sugar daddies is that you meet much in the same way that a traditional dating website would allow you to meet, but there is the assumption that your presence in said man's life, would involve "more than friends" and you would get "paid in gifts".