Should an introvert dating an introvert

09-Mar-2016 14:11

should an introvert dating an introvert-16

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From schools and companies to working in open spaces, everywhere you go there’s less anonymity. Even though the world is tailored for extroverts, being an introvert isn’t that uncommon.

Studies show that introverts comprise 30 to 50% of our population! I’m a great listener and observer, making me a great friend and perceptive.

Writing an original online dating profile can be quite a challenge.

If you’re practical minded like me, you might be tempted to use bullet points to describe yourself – that you borrowed from a used car website: It’s impossible to convey who you are within the confines of a few words and a few photos.

But dating an introvert would be unlike any of the other dating experiences. We are all intrigued and all attention when a person is all mysterious.But being with an introvert you won't have this problem, as they'll sniff out your need for some lone time.