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Still, the "American Idol" judge has persistently dismissed Mottola's claims, calling their marriage a "private hell" and saying in an interview, "I came to him with the voice that I have.

It was the most sinister marriage in pop music this side of Ronnie and Phil Spector — and even today, music exec Tommy Mottola will never let ex-wife Mariah Carey be completely free of him.

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon got married in 2008, but separated in 2014.

Today, Mariah Carey is one of pop’s most adorably daffy divas, as well as Nick Cannon‘s ostensibly happy wife and the mother of two of the world’s most pampered twins.

But before she achieved true career security and domestic bliss, she spent a few years unhappily married to her former label boss, Tommy Mottola.

Carey has spoken openly in the years since the couple’s 1997 divorce about how she felt trapped in “a private hell” while married to the notoriously controlling Mottola, who took a heavy hand when managing a recording career that he insisted be focused heavily on slickly produced ballads — and kept her isolated in a posh New York mansion that she referred to as ‘Sing Sing,’ after the infamous prison.

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Carey has previously described her four year marriage to Mottola, the record executive who first signed her, as a 'private hell' and said the music supremo, 20 years her senior, abused her 'mentally and emotionally'.Married in 1993 and divorced in 1997, Carey gives this description of what it felt like to be a global pop superstar wedded to one of the most powerful men in the industry: “I longed for someone to come kidnap me back then,” she said.