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He also loves skating, which he can also do it at home because he has half-pipe at his home. The singer’s fresh face is the result of Cetaphil’s gentle cleanser, which he uses daily.There are many childhood memories director-DJ-designer Vashtie Kola would care to forget. So you’d have to make sure that if you did ask her for a date, it would have to be at the right time.Whether you know young tastemaker Vashtie Kola as King Vashtie, Vash Money or her most popular nickname “Downtown’s Sweetheart,” there’s one thing for sure: she’s an innovator.“But that allowed me the creative freedom to be daring and try this and try that.That really shaped me.” In fact, much of the multi-hyphenate’s achievements germinated during that time, when she also got flack for being interracial. "#MCM @bobatl I found you, crowned you, turned you on….. The Atlantic Records labelmates worked together this summer on a remake of “Swing My Way.” When i Heart Radio’s Hot 107.9 asked B.o. if the two were dating, he danced around the question but referred to her as magic.

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Pharrell Williams Pha-real, Lil’ Skateboard P (got this name while in high school), P.

Kola’s creative venture late last year with Air Jordan made her the first female to design a shoe for the Jordan Brand (the Air Jordan 2 Retro, to be exact).

As a New York based director, filmmaker, artist, designer, creative consultant and DJ, Vashtie Kola is truly a renaissance woman.

#Throw Dis Back #Eggplant Eeeerrday #Bandz Amake Me Dance #Dont Kill The Fun #DKTF,” she wrote.

Sevyn was born at 7 o’clock, on 7/7 (July 7), and she was a 7 month baby. Probably like 7.” It looks like the two wanted to make sure they were solid before publicly claiming one another.Black Enterprise coined her “Vashtie Kola: Curator of Cool.” Vashtie is a graduate of the School of Visual Arts where she studied film and grew up in Albany, New York as a first generation American of Trinidadian heritage.